Dear Creative,

Hi, I am Zamai Banje.

After earning First class in Animal and environmental biology from the University of Benin, Nigeria, I am also a Google certified digital marketer, exploring my passion for content writing, e-book publishing and brand strategy.

My passion for writing can be traced back to his childhood, where I spent significant time working on folklore tales and short stories.  With a drive for creativity and innate passion for learning, I write compelling and enthralling articles for individuals, businesses and corporate brands.

As a thought leader, I help individuals live a daily deliberate creative lifestyle and build strong long-lasting personal brands. 

My books include And They Were Twelve: Success stories from those who walked with Christ – an anthology that illustrates core values from a storytelling approach.

I also wrote TELL YOUR STORY, a FREE guide on how to take your first step to success, establish in your desired niche and have a deeper understanding of yourself.

Interested in any of my services, send me a mail

And Let’s chase creativity together.