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Ways to Increase your creativity during your leisure.

Have you wondered if you can have fun and be creative at the same time?

Is it possible to work and play simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible. You can still improve your creativity during your leisure.

That is what this article is for.

Because some days, creativity is simply letting those ideas loose. One way or another. Sometimes, it’s channelling your genius into a productive process. Or a way of expressing yourself and your way of thinking.

In this post, you will see some activities. Please remember, we have different learning styles; this also applies to creative patterns.

From Tanner Christensen’s book, The Creativity Challenge, creativity can be triggered either in a convergent (combining ideas), divergent (finding relationships between ideas) or emergent (when the idea suddenly drops in your head) way.

The possibilities are endless.

Find the one that suits you. The activity that channels and boosts your optimism. Just find the creative hobby that defines you the most.

Here are a few activities you can do in your free time to boost your creativity:

N.B: This article discusses these activities from a point of creativity and the love of learning and curiousity.

#1: Writing.

This is my personal favourite. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert, but it certainly works a lot. For everyone who has tried it.

You can write non-fiction or fiction. It does not matter. The most important thing is the process.

Love the process. The ink spilling on paper. The words forming in your head. The ideas and thoughts you try to scribble and organise from your head.

For example, you already know the art of writing in a journal. It clears the head. This act allows to pen your thoughts, ideas, reflect on today and prepare for a better tomorrow.

Or is it writing poetry? Writing short spontaneous poems forces you to think and find creative solutions with a confined set of rules.

Ever tried writing a story or from another person’s perspective? This promotes divergent thinking and tends to increase your powers of observation on a daily basis.

This is what writing will do to you. At least it has done this for me. And so much more.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, photography can be an alternative creative task to writing.

Often attuned for the extroverts – the travellers and explorers, the thing I love about photography is the different elements involved before the final image comes out.

The timing. The weather condition. The angle. The subject. The setting. The retouches. Everything depends on you.

All it takes is a keen eye, an imaginative mind and a curious heart.

Smartphones have also smoothen the transition of photography; they have made capturing daily moments effortless and every moment is special.

Do you know photography enhances convergent thinking? The way we combine these factors to produce something wonderful. Or something funny and quirky.

Other outlets involve:

#3: Painting/Drawing

This creative hobby is good for those who think in pictures and have a strong sense of imagination. Aesthetic thinking is definitely increased when doing this activity.

#4: Dancing

I’m not a good dancer, ( I dance though. In my bathroom), but I know dancing brings joy and energy which in turn boosts creative thinking.

#5: Singing/Playing instruments

I almost forgot singing. As a lover of music, hearing tunes and melodies is always magical. And creating magic – even a little bit can strengthen your innovative process.

PLEASE NOTE: The creative activities are endless. As mentioned earlier, perform the activity that gives you joy. Because true Creativity is personal. It’s working on your art and craft with all you’ve got.

So that’s it.

Whether it’s writing a thousand words or taking a photo. Just do you. Do what defines you. Because the goal is to create.

And if possible, create magic and miracles. Then apply the same passion and creative pattern to your work and art.

So dear Creative, what will you do henceforth to develop your creative patterns?

For you to Create, you must reject.

Rejection. Creativity.

These two words are unrelated and ought not to be in the same line. But I have a story that will change your perspective on their relationship.

As a youth, I often viewed rejection as the gradual decimation of my self-worth. If my article got rejected, it meant my words were not worthy enough to put for the outside world. If I did not win a writing contest, it meant everyone’s writing style was better than mine.

If a client edited my work, it meant my energy, resources and time were wasted efforts. If my manuscript was rejected, it meant I was just a wannabe writer added to their rubbish pile. And if my job application was declined, it meant I was never supposed to be in this career path.

For a long time, I held on to this destructive ideology and kept this harmful trait to myself. During this period, I admired my favorite writers. I devoured their books, blog posts and general viewpoints on life. I copied their writing styles and claimed it as my own.

But because of my fixed mindset, the creative genie in me finally waned off and got locked in the lamp of criticism and self-esteem.

Yet, one day, after seeking self-awareness and a bid to know more about creativity; the truth dawned on me. Creativity also involves a process of rejection.

Hence, I stopped the art of copy and paste; instead, I added my personal touch in form of experiences, knowledge and outlook. This led to the application of the copy-innovate-and-paste technique.

I realized creativity is more than saying yes to producing works of art, science and business; it is saying No to self-limiting beliefs.

Creativity is not just accepting the fact you have to think outside the box. It also means rejecting the tendency to remain in the box.


For you to create something spectacular in your workplace, you have to reject mediocrity.

For you to create through curiosity and love for learning, you have to reject your right to be right all the time.

For you to create through constant improvement, you have to reject instant perfection.

For you to create works continuously admired by true fans, you have to reject the fact that everyone will truly appreciate your work.

For you to create true success, you have to reject failure as an end, but see it as a means to a victorious end.

For you to create something that makes people go ‘Aha’ and ‘Wow’, you have to reject the notion that it will only take one Eureka moment to do that.

Until I realized Creativity is not just saying Yes to developing the creative genie in you. It is also saying No to the mediocre thieves in your head.

So dear creative, what will you reject today to unleash your creativity?