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Become Your Highest Self: 19 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Journey Ahead

I wrote this in my journal over a year ago, but it’s evergreen and relevant today. It’s a letter from your future self.

Dear Present Me,

This is you in 10 years and I’m here to offer you some advice. After all, I’m now stronger, healthier, happier, wiser, wealthier, more attractive and more fulfilled. So here are the things you need to start doing to become me. Which means the ultimate successful you.


1. Take care of your skin because outward appearance matters too.

2. Dress the way you want to be addressed. Dress casually (in customised tees) and good shoes. Dress in suits to public events to boost your personal brand and public presence.

3. Take your prayer life seriously because it is the blessing of the Lord that makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it. That’s the blessing currently in my life.

4. Study and meditate on your Bible more often. Day and night. It will give you wisdom, clarity on the paths you are currently on.

5. Take your money making ventures more seriously. Money is not the purpose of man but it facilitates man’s purpose.

6. Cultivate healthy relationship with people with positive vibes. This is one of the reasons I’m still happy today.

7. Keep setting those goals and make sure you achieve them. Let these goals cover all sectors of your life. It paid off in mine.

8. Those books you’re reading. Keep reading them. Study them with the intent of applying the four tenets of learning. Read to Know. Read to Do. Read to Be. Read to live together. This applies for any other thing you’re learning too.

9. Please, I need you to be consistent. Keep showing up. It will be hard in the beginning for you, but it turns to an effortless habit for me.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez from Unsplash

10. Don’t be over anxious too at times. Worry won’t get you to where I am now. Smile. Laugh. Then Do. The Doing part removes the anxiety and worry.

11. Focus on a single craft before moving to the next. Master its art, science and business before jumping to your next interest. Don’t forget this. This is how I became so successful. Don’t forget to spread like a Palm tree. Very important.


12. Stop being lazy. You’re talented and creative. But this will only show if you put hardwork and consistency in whatever you do and whoever you meet.

13. Remove shame and ideology of “what people will say.” Once broken, you will gradually become like me.

14. Stop going small in your dreams and goals. Go big. Shamelessly with your knowledge, airtime, money and everything you got.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz from Unsplash

15. Stop waiting for the right moment. I know you. You do this a lot.

16. Stop watching porn, dear. You’re me. Stopping this will improve your sexual life and cleanse your thoughts. Keep your sexual energy for your partner.

17. Stop being distracted. Social media. Movies. Anime. Other people’s work in charity form. Do what is important first, before doing the next.

Photo by Alice Dietrich from Unsplash

18. Stop being nonchalant about your health, spirituality, and body appearance. Though it may matter a little compared to what you’re feeding your mind. But it matters nonetheless.

19. Stop seeking perfection all the time. Always find a balance between Creativity and perfection.

I hope you take my advice. I wish you all the best as you grow and thrive to become your highest.

Your future self.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso from Unsplash

What else is your future self telling you to do? Please tell me in the comments below.

FOR THE LOVE OF JON BELLION: 7 Things To Emulate From His Creative Style

In 2017, I first got introduced to Jon Bellion through his hit single, “All time low” and since then, I have become a loyal fan (a.k.a Bellionaire) till date.

Jonathan ‘Jon’ Bellion

Jonathan ‘Jon’ Bellion has been able to bring a unique and thoughtful style of music through his lyrics, energy and how his mind works. As a song writer, producer, singer and child of God, Jon successfully built a loyal fan base, coupled with hundreds of million streams on his music albums.

Personally, his 2016 album, “The Human Condition” is still the best album in terms of composition, and meaning. Even the outro on the album, “Hand of God” has to be the grandest finale in music history.

Album art – The Human Condition

Indeed, Jon Bellion is worthy of emulation and a creative force to reckon with. That’s why I coined out seven tips we can learn from how this beautiful mind (wordplay intended) approaches music.

Here we go…


Jon Bellion is crazily passionate about music and clearly showcases it in his workflow and songs produced. In his interviews and documentaries, he is dubbed as the artist who uses ‘the human voice as an instrument’.

Facial Expressions and Artwork for Jon Bellion

In his early days, Jon was responsible for the vocals, instrumentals, lyrics and even minor ad-libs of his songs. This speaks highly of his drive for excellence and unique sound synonymous with his music.

FYI: it’s important to find that one thing you are good at and love to do at the same time. The Japanese call it “Ikigai”. This is your true calling.

If you have not found it yet, cultivate a welcoming love for what you currently do. You can do this by gathering knowledge, and developing a curious nature in that particular field.

Keep the huge boundless energy for the work you love to do.


After listening to Jon Bellion’s songs a dozen times, I noticed some familiar voices throughout the course of his musical journey.

Cover art for ‘He is the Same’ Music Single

This includes other talented artists like Blaque Keyz, Vice and some others. While they play only small roles (e.g ad-libs and short rap verses) in his songs, it’s obvious Jon spends a lot of time on and off his studio sessions with these guys.

FYI: So dear, there will always be time when the creative juice is not flowing. That’s what this circle of friends is for. These guys will always be there to pull you through. They will be there to cheer you during your success. These set of friends will also be there to laugh and correct your mistakes.

Always be on the lookout for such people. You can find them in related communities or random events related to your chosen field. And when you find them, don’t let them go. Also prepare to offer value to them too.

This brings us to the third advice:


Yeah, this is an advice most young people like you and I fail to understand. Guys have rushed into sour partnerships because they failed to assess their strength and that of their teammates.

Cover art for ‘Weight of the World’ music single

I am a huge believer in collaboration and I strongly believe everyone has to bring something to the table. Collaboration is truly achieved when all parties benefit from each other. Hence, a group is only as strong as its weakest link.

So develop yourself first before forming that dream team. Acquire the necessary skills. Build the portfolio. Achieve something independently before seeking interdependence.

In this context, your vision becomes clearer to others once they see what you are already building.

In the case of Jon Bellion, there is a huge difference between his previous albums and his most recent – Glory Sound Prep (GSP). The latest album was more organised, sophisticated and mature as a result of his collaboration with other artistes. Same goes for his acoustic songs done with groups of instrumentalists.

The reason is simple. Collaboration works best when each member of the team is good. Your enthusiasm and objective is also shared and achieved when there’s clear proof of what you’ve done.

I always want to approach records from where it feels very graspable. You know what the song’s about, but it’s presented to you in a way that’s like, ‘I never heard something like this before,’ but it doesn’t push you away.

Jon Bellion in an interview.


Jon Bellion once said, he gets inspired by watching a Pixar movie on silent and listening to Nas. He clearly expresses his other interests and influences to produce the music he wants to do.

Album art for ‘New York Soul’ music single

Besides, I first got drawn to the well-illustrated and visually appealing cover of the Human Condition album. (And I am a lover of animations too.)

FYI: I hope this shows that you can combine your interests into your current work. After all, originality is simply the refinement of old ideas in a new and creative way.


Another beautiful trait of Jon Bellion’s music is how honest and relatable his lyrics are.

Cover art for ‘iRobot’ music single

Honesty. Empathy. Relatability. These values are essential.

So when sharing your work, always remember to add a personal touch of vulnerability and openness. People love to relate with who they understand. They want to understand how you make them feel. Trigger those emotions by being open to them.

We are all attracted to success stories because of the struggles they faced before triumphing.

So learn to share yours. Because it is one of the ways your audience can connect with you on a deeper level.

“Although I guess if I knew tomorrow-I guess I wouldn’t need faith,

I guess if I never fell, I guess I wouldn’t need grace,

I guess if I knew His plans, I guess He wouldn’t be God”

Jon Bellion, Maybe IDK


I guess this is why I am still stuck to the melody of Jon Bellion. For instance, the hook of ‘Want to be Loved’ (2011) goes like this:

See we just want to be loved, is that so much to ask?
See we just want to be loved, is that so much to ask?
See I just want to be loved, is that so much to ask?
See I just want to be, see I just want to be loved

Then, in 2018, the chorus of “Stupid Deep” goes like this:

What if who I hoped to be was always me?
And the love I fought to feel was always free?
What if all the things I’ve done
Were just attempts at earning love? Yeah
‘Cause the hole inside my heart is stupid deep, oh, stupid deep.

Artwork for ‘Growth’ – Jon Bellion

This alone signifies improvement in his music and outlook towards life. Coincidentally, Jon Bellion has an album titled ‘Growth’, a collection of previous songs before the GSP album.

FYI: In life, there are several phases. When you’re young, you are currently in a phase too. It’s important to enjoy the moments in each phase. Acknowledge the fact that Excellence is an act. It’s a process. Learn to document it as you go on.

Conversations with my Father and he’s telling me
There’s a point in making memories
‘Cause they’ll be even better when we’re heavenly

Jon Bellion, Mah’s Joint

You are now at the best part. Here is my most important tip from Jon Bellion.


I came to the realization that I’m a child of God, and that’s my identity. If this all goes tomorrow, I don’t have the proverbial rug under me that can be pulled out. I’m taken care of, and there’s someone who loves me.

  – Jon Bellion.

Artwork for ‘Hand of God’ music single

Yeah, I was glad to know Jon self-identifies as a child of God. This makes his songs more memorable and appealing. He preaches a message bigger than himself through his music.

So in sum,

When you’re lost in the universe, lost in the universe
Don’t lose faith
My mother says, “Your whole life’s in the hand of God”…

Jon Bellion, Hand of God

Have Faith.
Believe in God.
Have a sense of purpose.

With this mindset, you will approach your life and work with long-term thinking and wider perspective.

Life becomes more satisfying and eternity becomes inevitable.

Jon Bellion illustration – Glory Sound Prep Album

(All pictures used in this post is the creative work of David Ardinaryas Lojaya, a character designer and amazing illustrator)


Note: This is a Guest Post. The thoughts and words contained in this article is the beautiful work of Diana Ufuah. Enjoy reading. Please comment and share when you’re done.

Have you ever felt like time was overwhelming or out of control? Have you struggled towards getting what you want and it seemed like there was no way out?

There might have been some dark days when you felt time wasn’t and would never be enough no matter how hard you tried. Well, let’s not conclude on that yet cause here lies all the strategies you need to make the desires of your heart reality.

Time is an element of Life that doesn’t stop, fast forward or rewind; it just is. Once wasted or carelessly used, it cannot be retrieved but one can always make adjustments to repair the past with the present in order to make strategies for the future.

Time management is the conscious act of planning and organizing specific activities over a specific timeline. Nobody actually has the ability to control time but everyone has the power to control what they do with time so time management is a skill that every interested person can master.

Time is an element of Life that doesn’t stop, fast forward or rewind; it just is. Once wasted or carelessly used, it cannot be retrieved but one can always make adjustments to repair the past with the present in order to make strategies for the future.

Every successful individual or organization has embedded in their structure, the value for time. The popular saying “Time is money” signifies that the proper use of time is what creates the value for money if wisely channeled.


Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Time management is a stress reliever. It is an antidote for procrastination. It has an outstanding way of eliminating anxiety. It takes away the feeling that you’ve lost control and rewards you with even more time to spend playing video games or doing whatever you do for fun.

Time management helps you reach your dreams and goals faster with so much ease. Time is like the journey to a destination; a destination which is your dream and goal.

Every activity you engage in are the steps that you take in that journey. The problem is that most people never take any step towards their destination.

Time management is the fuel that drives and guides all the steps (activities) towards that destination. If you take the right step in the right direction, you’d reach your destination (goal or dream) sooner than you expect.

No matter how small the steps are, if consistency is applied you are guaranteed to reach your goal.


Below are six unique strategies that have been used by people of all ages to manage time and get everything they desired.


Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

The first and most important aspect of reaching that destination is to know exactly where you are going. You must clarify what it is that you want to spend the asset called time on. Definition of purpose is reaching the purpose half way.

Stating your goals, dreams or desires allows you to Identify your specific destination which is different from somebody else’s. One way to do this is to write the goals you want to achieve whether long or short term.


The surest way to eat an elephant is to first cut it piece by piece. Now that you have your specific goals outlined, take time to break these goals into tasks or activities. These are the steps to your destination and they are very important as they make up the journey.

For example, let’s take a goal to be “Get a job in a month”, your activities would look similar to these;

– Apply for 5 jobs a day
– Watch 1 YouTube video daily on how to ace a job interview.
– Read 1 article on a job hunt site.
– Rewrite Resumé.
– Start an online course to increase skills.

Make sure to keep the tasks basic, easy and add fun to it. Make it Interesting so you don’t burn out.


Photo by BreakingPic from Pexels

A to-do list is a wonderful guide to reaching all your goals. It is a map to your destination; a graphical pattern of how time should be wisely spent.

A to-do list actually changed my life. I write my to-do list a night before the next day, sleep over the thought, wake up the next morning, go through it and kick off with the right energy (because it was written a night before, my subconscious mind prepares for it by the next day).

This simple technique drew me faster to my goals and I achieved them sooner than I expected. Start a to-do list, write 10 basic activities to engage in for the day, stick to it and watch the magic happen.


Prioritizing the tasks in your to-do list helps to utilize maximum energy for the most important tasks. From my personal experience, I divide my tasks into A, B and C.

The ‘A’ tasks are the most important tasks. I do these tasks in the morning because that is my most creative and most focused state of mind.

The ‘B’ tasks are necessary tasks with milder consequences. This I do at noon times.

The “C” tasks are tasks that can be delegated. Something with little or no consequences but still needs to be done. I do these tasks in the evenings and I usually add my leisure activities here.

You can adopt this strategy or find something that works for you, but make sure you do your most important tasks at your highest time of creativity.


While multitasking helps you do a lot of activities at a time, it reduces the quality of the work done. So, I recommend monotasking. Quality over work done is a truck-load of value and satisfaction. It actually saves you more time because the chances of errors are limited, you wouldn’t need to come back and redo them.

Performing one task at a time prompts high level of concentration.
The more you practice monotasking, the more you’d master speed and accuracy which is invaluable.


Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels

“Now” is the name of time. “Now” is what you can always control. “Now” is when you can make all the choices, not “before” and not “after”. If you always use this very moment wisely, then you’ve mastered life and time altogether.

At those moments when you might drift away from your to-do list, ask yourself “what is the best use of my time now” and you would always come up with the best answer.

“Now” is the name of time. “Now” is what you can always control. “Now” is when you can make all the choices, not “before” and not “after”. If you always use this very moment wisely, then you’ve mastered life and time altogether.

Make the decision to follow each strategy outlined in this article “now” if you are really keen about starting the journey to getting the things you want and you will surely be amazed at the wonderful outcome.

These strategies here have been used in different formats by highly successful people of the past and present. If you want to be called successful, then take the same actions of successful men and women.

Master Time Management, Get All You Want.

Diana Ufuah.