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Sonder and Maintaining Your Main Character Energy

The concept of Sonder reminds me of the Justice League series.

I will explain why. When I was younger, it is one of my favorite cartoons to watch on a Saturday morning. The Justice League was a group of superheroes who banded together to make the universe a safer and better place. Even though they were together, each character had their own stories.

The Justice League worked better together, and each superhero was unique.

The Flash faced his own speedster villains. Batman always had a tragic back-story. Superman protected his Lois Lane. It’s the same thing today. We are all superheroes in our way.

And you are the main character.

Getting through your work and doing your job (or business) to make money is a multi-player game you are currently engaged in. However, your mindset and how happy or miserable you are – this is entirely up to you.

Because Life itself is a single-player game.

Life as a Single-Player Game

It’s like how Naval said.

“The reality is life is a single-player game. You’re born alone. You’re going to die alone. All of your interpretations are alone. All your memories are alone…. Before you showed up, nobody cared. It’s all single player.”

With this, it’s time to start thinking as a single player and being the main character.

What does it mean to be the main character

Being the main character means you will never be good being somebody else.

You are unique for your own storyline. Listen to the little voice inside your head that wants to do things a certain way. Find the people, business, project, or art that needs you the most.

Forget about the world of competition and comparison. Life may seem multiplayer, but the deep truth is that you are only competing against yourself.

Sit down and reflect on what it means to be a main character.

How to Maintain a Main Character Energy.

  1. Choose to build Yourself.

The greatest superpower you have as the main character is the ability to change yourself. Always be internally ready for a complete change. Also don’t spend time doing things you know ultimately aren’t part of your mission.

  1. Choose to Grow Yourself.

Here is a spoiler alert!

You don’t need to be the most successful person on the planet. Just be the most successful version of yourself while working the least hard possible. You want to live in a way that if your life played out 1,000 times, Zamai is successful 999 times.

  1. Choose to Free Yourself.

Be aware that are no “adults.”

Everyone makes it up as they go along. Find your own path, picking, choosing, and discarding as you see fit. Figure it out yourself and do it.

Value your time as well.

It is all you have. It’s more important than your money. It is more important than anything. Your time is all you have. Do not waste your time.

Adopt the Concept of Sonder.

Sonder was coined to explain that everyone around you has a rich inner world just like you do.

Sonder is a realization that everyone from your family, friends to even strangers, has their own life story and experiences as vivid and complex as your own.

Treat everyone you meet like a main character as well.

It is why the Golden Rule exists – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When working, surround yourself with people more successful than you. When playing, surround yourself with people happier than you. – Naval Ravikant

And remember this…

There is no endpoint to being a main character. It’s a lifelong process you hopefully keep getting better and better at.

The only way is to keep moving forward.


Persuasive Diplomat: How to Always Win People Over to Your Side

Being a persuasive diplomat means you have the ability to win people over to your way of thinking.

You can build stronger relationships with friends, family, and coworkers when you can convince people of your points of view and effectively convey them. Gaining the ability to comprehend diverse viewpoints and communicate effectively can help you grow personally. This in turn boosts your flexibility, empathy, and critical thinking.

Winning people over to your side also has its professional benefits.

You can contribute to a more collaborative and productive work environment by effectively conveying your ideas and resolving conflicts constructively. The ability to influence others is also crucial for leadership positions. By effectively presenting your ideas and persuading colleagues and superiors, you can increase your chances of getting promoted and taking on more responsibility.

Here are the principles you can apply to become a persuasive diplomat:

Win People Over

Win People Over

Principle 1: Avoid arguments.

Do you think arguing is the best way to convince someone?

Arguing often creates tension and defensiveness, making it harder to reach an agreement.

Avoid arguments altogether to maintain a positive atmosphere and open communication.

Principle 2: Respect others’ opinions.

Do you find it helpful to be told you’re wrong?

People are more receptive to ideas when they feel respected and listened to.

Acknowledge others’ opinions, even if you disagree, to foster trust and understanding.

Principle 3: Admit mistakes quickly and honestly.

Do you find it easier to admit your mistakes or defend them?

Taking responsibility for your errors shows humility and encourages others to do the same.

By admitting mistakes quickly, you can clear the air and work towards a solution.

Principle 4: Begin with a friendly approach.

How does someone’s tone affect your receptiveness to their ideas?

A friendly and positive approach creates a more open and receptive environment for communication.

Starting with kindness sets a positive tone and encourages collaboration.

Principle 5: Get agreement initially.

Do you find it easier to agree with someone who acknowledges your points?

Finding common ground builds trust and lays the foundation for further discussion.

Seek initial agreement on shared goals or values to establish a sense of collaboration.

By getting others to say ‘yes,’ you build momentum and align their mindset with yours, facilitating smoother communication.


That’s not all the principles of winning people over to your side. Here are 7 more techniques in becoming a persuasive diplomat:

Principle 6: Let others talk and listen actively.

Do you learn more by talking or listening?

By actively listening and allowing others to express themselves, you gain valuable insights and build rapport.

Encourage others to share their perspectives to gain a deeper understanding and foster trust.

Principle 7: Let others feel ownership of ideas.

Do you feel more invested in ideas you discover yourself?

People are more likely to adopt and implement ideas they feel they have ownership of.

Present suggestions as collaborative opportunities, allowing others to contribute and feel involved in the solution.

Principle 8: See things from others’ perspectives.

How would you feel if someone saw things from your point of view?

Understanding another person’s perspective fosters empathy and allows for more effective communication.

By trying to see things from their perspective, you can better understand their motivations and concerns.

Principle 9: Be sympathetic to others’ desires.

Do you appreciate people acknowledging your feelings and concerns?

Showing genuine empathy and understanding creates a sense of connection and encourages cooperation.

Acknowledge and validate others’ feelings to build trust and rapport.

Principle 10: Appeal to noble motives.

Do you respond better to positive reinforcement or criticism?

Appealing to people’s sense of fairness, integrity, and desire to do good can motivate them to act positively.

Frame your requests in a way that resonates with their values and aspirations.

Principle 11: Dramatize your ideas.

Do you remember information presented in a compelling way better than dry facts?

Using storytelling, examples, and vivid language makes your ideas more engaging and memorable.

Present your ideas in a captivating way to capture attention and spark interest.

Principle 12: Challenge and inspire.

Are you more motivated by a challenge or simply being told what to do?

Presenting a challenge can ignite people’s desire to excel and achieve, fostering engagement and ownership.

Frame your requests as opportunities for growth and self-improvement to motivate and inspire action.

These principles are not guaranteed to work in every situation, but by applying them thoughtfully, you can increase your chances of winning people to your way of thinking through respectful communication, collaboration, and understanding. Remember, the key is to build trust, rapport, and a shared sense of purpose.

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