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Life Truths: 13 Statements to Change Your Thinking

This is a list of simple life truths I found from a book – Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley. These statements reveal the simplicity and truth of living.

These truths should remind you on what life is really all about. No need to overcomplicate things. These truths might feel radical or religious, but the most radical truths are really simple ones.

Life Truths

Life Truths

  1. God is real. He loves you.

The Creator and Mastermind of the Universe loves you.

Everything happens for a reason. Every move you have made in your life. The freewill you receive to make your decisions. He loves you so you can willingly love him back.

It is because God cares for you.

  1. Good and evil exist. Good will win.

Light will always overcome darkness.

This is set in stone. You are salt and light, constantly facing the trials and tribulations in your life. Triumphs will be at the end of your tunnels.

Because you are good. And Good will always win.

  1. You are made in the image of God.

This is why man’s wants are insatiable.

You always want more.  It is why you want to leave a legacy and change the lives of people around you. This is the secret on why you crave to be appreciated and valued.

You want to achieve God hood.

  1. You are also fallen.

You are still human.

Mistakes will always happen. Imperfection and procrastination still creeps in. It’s the demerits of being human.

Your fragility is a result of man’s fall a long time ago.

  1. Jesus died for you. He also rose for you.

This is the celebration of Easter.

It was all because of you. He rose to eliminate your fall.

  1. God’s world is beautiful. We are tasked with caring for it.

The famous hymn – All things bright and beautiful perfectly captures this truth about life.

Keep appreciating nature and everything around you. Protect all things bright and beautiful. Preserve all creatures great and small.

You are the ultimate caretaker.

  1. Men and women exist.

You are not alone.

Fully embrace the fact that everyone from your family, friends to even strangers, has their own life story and experiences as vivid and complex as your own. Treat everyone equally with your full attention and respect.

It is why the Golden Rule exists – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  1. Families happen when we unite.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

They are like building blocks of a healthy world; we should try to keep them together, and not topple them over.

  1. Prayer is real; it changes you as much as it changes the world.

Prayer is your key to God’s door.

When you spend time with Him in prayer, you realize how powerful and able and good God is and how much you need him. This equips you for the battles you face every day.

Most importantly, prayer does not change God. It changes you.

  1. Life is hard, but God is with you.

No matter who you are, you have had your difficult times.

Life is hard because the world is broken, with so many people trying to ruin it for you. There’s hope because there is someone greater than every hardship. This person is victorious over every pain, and he is ready to walk with you through hard times.

Life becomes easy when you are one with God.

  1. Suffering will happen, but it will sanctify you.

As the saying goes – What does not kill you makes you stronger.

By going through difficult experiences, you build up your strength for your next battles. Even researchers found that early-career failure promotes future professional success. Whether you like it or not, you feel more brave and stronger after facing tough situations.

There is value in failure.

  1. Love is not a feeling, it is a sacrifice, usually in small things.

Love is an action word.

Be patient, kind and do not be envious. Do not dishonour others or angry all the time – rather be selfless, calm, and ready to forgive anyone. Always trust, hope, and persevere.

This is what it means to love.

  1. God loves you, period.

Your good deeds won’t change that; your bad deeds won’t change that.

These are the life-altering paradigms that come in just a couple of words.

The rest of your life is about living these truths, so it will be powerful to find a moment each day to just say one of them loud.

Bibliophile: How to Fall in Love with Reading

Is it possible to be a bibliophile in this era?

A Bibliophile is someone who loves books. In today’s fast-paced world, information is everywhere. But with so much content at your fingertips, how do you sift through it all and truly learn? The answer is simpler than you might think: reading.

This guide will unveil the power of reading, not just for staying informed, but for personal and professional growth.

You will learn why reading is essential, what to read, and most importantly, how to love the process.




You can stay up to date on the latest research and trends in your field by reading. For instance, keeping up with the most recent findings can offer you a competitive advantage if you work in a technical field. Similarly, if you work in a creative field, branching out into new genres can inspire innovative ideas and techniques.

Reading also enhances your writing skills and communication abilities. And these are valuable assets in any profession.


The secret is simple – Read what you love until you love to read.

What do you enjoy reading now? Starting with topics you’re interested in makes reading fun. And you’re more likely to stick with it and develop a lifelong habit.

Since every person is different, finding the right books for you is more important than anything else.


It almost doesn’t matter what you read.

Books. Blogs. Tweets. Anything with ideas and information and learning. The best ones to read are the ones you’re excited about reading all the time.

You will eventually read enough to make a significant improvement in your life (and your interests will lead you there).


Explain what you learned and read to someone else.

Teaching forces real learning. Do you know that you retain approximately 90% of what you learn when they explain/teach the concept to someone else. This is the best way to internalize and remember what you read.

3 Important Factors to Consider if you want to Love to Read

  1. Reading is not a race.

Infact, the better the reading material, the slower you should read it. Enjoy it like a delicious meal – slowly instead of gobbling it down. Take your time to absorb and understand the content fully.

  1. The number of books completed is a vanity metric.

A true bibliophile focuses on quality, not quantity.

Stop counting how many books you finish in a month or year; rather focus on what you get out of reading. The truth is that as you gain more knowledge and experience, you might start reading more challenging books or in-depth articles. Because you’re now choosier about what you spend your time on, it’s okay to ditch reading materials that isn’t grabbing your attention.

So it’s not only about finishing books; it’s also about also about the quality of learning and insight gained from them.

  1. No book or article should scare you.

Whether it’s a lengthy Medium article, complex e-books, or X threads. You should be able to pick any book or article from the internet and read it to the end. You might find many of them to be too challenging. It’s alright, read them anyhow. After that, go back and read them again and again.

After all, the beauty of online information is you can revisit it easily.



Embrace the Journey, Reap the Rewards

Remember, reading isn’t a race to the finish line.

Becoming a bibliophile is undertaking an adventure filled with discovery and growth. Don’t be afraid to tackle challenging material, and revisit what sparks your curiosity.

By embracing the joy of reading, you’ll unlock a world of knowledge and empower yourself to excel in all aspects of life.

So, grab that forgotten book today (or your favorite online resource!), and happy reading!

Productize Yourself: Become The Best at What You Do

“PRODUCTIZE YOURSELF: Productize has specific knowledge and leverage. Yourself has uniqueness and accountability. Yourself also has specific knowledge. So you can combine all of these pieces into these two words.”

This term Productize Yourself is popularized by the Angel Investor – Naval Ravikant. Naval is an investor, who invested early in companies like Uber or Notion. He is also an entrepreneur, co-founding AngelList.

As a product manager, I’ve always been fascinated by this concept and in recent times, I decided to take a deeper look at this notion of productizing yourself.

What does it Mean to Productize Yourself

Productizing yourself means that you must figure out what you’re uniquely good at and apply as much leverage as possible. It’s like taking the best of what you are and packaging it in a way that creates value for others. This concept is common in entrepreneurship, freelancing, consulting, and personal branding.

And you can apply this concept to yourself today.

Productize Yourself

Productize Yourself

Start with Leverage

Making impact and building influence requires leverage.

To Leverage is to use ‘something’ to its maximum advantage. In this context, that ‘something’ is yourself. How can you fully optimize your skills, knowledge, and experience?

And there are many ways to build leverage.

Leverage can be built through labor or capital. However, these kinds of leverage are gifts from other people. For labor, somebody must follow you. To obtain capital, someone must give you money, assets to oversee or equipment.

Yet, there is a new form of leverage.

Leverage with Code and Media to fully productize yourself

These include books, media, movies, and codes. With this new form of leverage, you can easily package your knowledge with the intention of making it simple to duplicate and distributing them to everybody without having to pay significant additional expenses. Naval called them ‘products of no marginal cost of replication’.

This is the perfect strategy for productizing yourself.

You can locate your audience by searching the internet and social media platforms. And you can use the internet to express yourself uniquely, grow a business, provide value, and make people happy. Any specialized interest can be pursued online, provided you’re the best at it.

All you need is your phone (or a computer) —you don’t need anyone’s permission.

If you can’t code, write books and blogs, record videos and podcasts – Naval Ravikant

Be Credible and Accountable

Intentions don’t matter. Actions do – Naval Ravikant

To get the best of your leverage, you must establish credibility and accountability.

Credibility is risky because you have to do everything in your own name. On the other end, accountability has two drawbacks. It enables you to accept responsibility for successes and bear the consequences when things go wrong.

But imagine this…

You’re waiting for the chance to shine when something new comes along that requires your set of skills. Meanwhile, you have built your brand on LinkedIn, on X and by constantly sharing your knowledge. You took some risks to establish your reputation. When it’s time to seize the opportunity, you can do so by applying as much leverage as you possibly can.

That’s what being accountable will help you.

You have to enjoy it and keep doing it, keep doing it, and keep doing it. Don’t keep track, and don’t keep count because if you do, you will run out of time. – Naval Ravikant

And here is the last step.

Be Authentic to truly Productize Yourself

No one can compete with you on being you. Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most. – Naval Ravikant

There will always be competition out there.

Finding your unique skill set and being authentic are the keys to breaking free from the competition trap. No one will be able to compete with you because you love what you do, so you know how to do it better.

The good news is that, despite our individual differences, everyone excels at being themselves.

Remember this as well…

Make your most important decisions when you are determining what is right to do and who is best to collaborate with. The real secret to making major improvements in both your financial and personal relationships is staying committed and positive in the long term.

Become the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true. – Naval Ravikant