Does creativity work best with rules? Creativity is always seen as an unstoppable force unhinged by principles. Yet, most creatives acknowledge they only produce astonishing works through discipline and a set of guidelines. And I am here to share some of these guidelines.

In this article, I am sharing seven rules you can apply in your creative thinking. By the end of this post, you will learn these techniques of creativity often applied by other people. These rules are extremely important for a modern and ambitious millennial like you.

7 Golden Rules of Creativity by Zamai Banje
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


You have probably heard of the philosophy to create as freely and wildly as you can. In most cases, this is counterintuitive. Some creatives fall into an abyss of mediocrity after dabbling into negative creativity. This negative innovation includes creating information that harms others or influence users into negative habits.

Using these products eventually affect the creator. Be careful what you create. Creativity must always come from a source of positivity and the drive to help others.


Be a firm believer in what you do and create. You are your biggest fan. People will only trust you if they see the passion and drive you put in your creative process.

Trust that your work is good for someone out there to see. Learn to trust in the process. Constantly hone your craft with a strong belief in yourself and your talents.


Creativity comes from a source of tranquillity and serenity. A disorganized mind leaves no room for genuine creativity. When your thoughts are messy and cluttered, you tend to create mediocre stuff. Search yourself; the facts don’t lie.

Learn to organize your thoughts. Get a notebook or dedicated app to start jotting down your thoughts. Your thoughts often range from ideas, strategies, conversations to ramblings. Learn to segment them using journals.

To learn more about journaling, read this article: Journaling: How To Constantly Channel and Control Your Thoughts


Don’t just be curious. Be curious like a child. Begin every day with the urge to learn something new. View each interaction as an opportunity to get inspired. Be happy no matter the circumstances. This kind of lifestyle will positively increase your creativity.

Curiosity keeps you focused on trends and new improvements in your chosen craft and purpose. Curiosity allows you stay on the path where passion falters.


Boredom is first allowed before creativity comes in. We often create to break out of a rut or to experience something new. This invariably means boredom always precedes creativity. Learn to acknowledge that boredom is necessary for originality and innovation to exist.

Remember to stay bored once in a while. Then use this phase to experience a fresh bout of creativity in your craft.


Sharing your work is an integral part when applying these golden rules of creativity. After building trust in yourself and your talents; showcase your work shamelessly. If you are a bit shy, start small by showing your work to a close group of friends and family. This is how I started too.

Learn to appreciate the good feedback. Pick out points to improve from negative and constructive feedback too. You can only do this when you share your work.


This is the last golden rule of creativity but it is arguably the most important. Constantly remind yourself that you are part of something bigger. Your talents, abilities and work impact more lives than you can imagine. You are a vessel, not the source. Learn to view your creative style from a source of endless inspiration and innovation. This is the only way to keep creating excellent work.

Most importantly, believe in the Creator, have faith and have a sense of purpose.

Cheers to your creative self.