In the past decade, technology became the buzz word. From Digital marketing, UI/UX, Internet of Things (IoT) to Data Science and artificial intelligence, the hype seemed endless.And the buzz continues in this new decade.

Currently, you probably have a friend or two who keeps muttering around you to “switch over to tech because it is the new oil”. Or maybe you might also have a friend in your clique who abandoned the course he studied in school to become a tech geek. These stories and scenarios are numerous.

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But here is the important part. If you want to know how the modern tech industry now works but don’t know where to start from. Then this article is for you.

It’s also possible you have even tried learning a tech-related skill and still have not found out the right fit. This article is still for you too. At the end of this article, I outlined all the existing niches in tech.

But let’s begin with a few guidelines before choosing your desired niche.


This is very important because most young millennials and older generations are struggling to find their footing even after spending years in the lucrative world of tech.

Technology is a tool and a means. Hence all the skills used in tech has to be channelled to solving problems or making life easier.

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If you learn a skill for the sole purpose of being called a “techie”, you are bound to eventually lose in the long run. Venturing into the realm of tech without a defined objective defeats the entire purpose of technology. That’s why the most successful people in tech are those who solved global problems, rather than staying dormant in the tech space.

Technology is anything that creates speed, efficiency and multiplication. Technology controls everything. He who controls technology controls the world

Olakunle Soriyan

This is because Technology is a platform, and its ultimate goal will be achieved when its resources are used to solve problems in virtually all other sectors of the economy.

Understanding this principle will allow you make the right and satisfying decision when choosing a niche in tech.


Yeah. Before selecting that niche, you need to have a reason or drive for selection. This can come from identifying problems around you or developing the required skills for a project you plan to undertake.

Your cause does not have to be defined from the onset, but you must have an idea of what you want to do with the tech skills about to be acquired.

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Your cause can be simple or universal. This could range from combating world hunger and environmental problems to simple goals such as boosting the awareness and profitability of your business. Or getting a side hustle.

If you are already developing interest or learning a tech skill in a specific niche, then it is important to channel this skillset and knowledge around the value and impact you want to bring to yourself and the society. Nonetheless, it’s always best to take it one step at a time.

And this brings you to the last tip.


With the two principles mentioned above, you can now proceed by asking yourself what your interests, passions and core values are. This enables you find the niche best suited to your personality style and proposed value.

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The following questions can be helpful while doing this:

Do you work better alone or with people?
– Do you prefer a creative or analytical approach?
– Do you prefer to work with words, visuals (pictures and videos) or numbers?
– Do you prefer a front line (limelight) or BTS (Behind The Scenes) job role?
– Are your goals for the skillset short term or long term?

Answering these questions will help you fast track the process in choosing your desired tech niche that pays off in the long run.

We are done with the tips for choosing a tech related niche, here is the list of all the major fields in the modern tech revolution:

Niches in Tech:

1. Augmented reality
2. Automation
3. Artificial intelligence
4. Building a startup
5. Cloud computing
6. Content marketing
7. Crypto currency
8. Cyber security
9. Design
10. Education Tech
11. Film
12. Fintech
13. Information technology
14. IoT (Internet of Things)
15. Machine learning
16. Marketing tech
17. Mobile apps
18. Programming
19. Software as a service (SaaS)
20. Social media
21. Tech addiction
22. Video games
23. Virtual Reality
24. Web design

You will notice that modern tech goes beyond coding, programming and robots. So there is definitely a niche for you to grow in and develop yourself.

If you read this to the end, you are already part of the tech revolution for this new decade.

Let me know in the comments which field in the tech space you plan on dominating.
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Cheers to your success and creativity.