Want to be Creative? Then adopt these 3 easy steps used by Children

I’m sure you remember when you were very young, worry-free and constant ideas ran through your little mind.

Or maybe you currently have a kid bro (or sis) who is happy drawing with crayons, building blocks and tapping away on your smartphone.

And then you wonder:

Don’t worry.

After reading this post, your creativity will be boosted in double folds.

You will work on your business without fear, but with joy and happiness. You will learn the traits children express in their prime, which gives them unlimited passion and energy.

And you will apply it to your life and activities too.

This post contains three ultimate tips to boosting your creativity, just by observing the beautiful minds of children.

Have you ever seen the statement below?

Every child is born an artist; the problem is staying an artist when we grow up.”

The above quote is attributed to famous painter, Pablo Picasso (most likely where the photo editing app, ‘Picasa’ got their name from).

We might be adults now, but here are the three ultimate tips we can adapt to our creative lifestyle:


Ironically, I underestimated this tip because I was not playful during my childhood days. However, Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a moment’s notice, stresses the importance of play in the life of a creative.

Only through play, you can apply those crazy and quirky techniques you probably won’t do in a workplace or in a job of a client. Try them out.

Play and explore with unbridled freedom.

Have a sense of adventure. Be full of life and energy. Don’t grouch and greet everybody with a sneer (unless that’s your outward style).

But, always be happy and happy inwards. Let your heart always scream with joy when you create. Let your brain tingle with excitement when the time for work starts.

Playful energy also happens to be contagious. People are always attracted with lively creatives. It is probably the wildfire of long-lasting and beneficial relationships. Because positivity is infectious and spreads very fast.


Children love to explore with a sense of wonder and animated curiosity. They constantly open themselves to new experiences.

Be curious. Have a sense of wonder. Always look at your task from a fresh perspective. No matter how monotonous the task could be. Or even if you have been doing the said activity for years.

Success often comes by consistently improving yourself and your craft. But Mastery comes from finding the dots from other fields and connecting them to your own work. This can only come through curiosity.


With their immaturity and openness, children are the most vulnerable in the life stages of humans. Yet, this weakness is also their greatest strength.

In a world where almost everybody puts on a “all-is-good” mask, smiling faces and refuse to share their problems, be the opposite. Share your hopes, fears, and beliefs in the work you produce.

Ask questions. Don’t hide your ignorance. Open up to a few people you can trust with your secrets. Take advice from mentors and people you admire.

Appreciate feedbacks even the crazy pessimistic ones. Sift out the sense your haters and nay-sayers may be trying to say. As the adage goes, there is an element of truth in any rumor.

Whether you want to be a god in your self-talk and attitude. Or be human in your mistakes and when limitations come. Just be yourself. Just do you.

So, be vulnerable. Trust in your work. Trust in yourself. Trust in your friends to like you and share your work. Trust in your clients to come back and for more referrals. Trust in giving more value, even for free, sometimes. Just keep trusting.

Sometimes, trust will get you stabbed in the back: it might earn you ridicule and jest in your career or craft. But trust me, in the long run, vulnerability will get you into higher places. It will take you to higher levels where good always overpowers the evil.

And when that time comes, you will realize the Universe has always been opening doors for you. And it will continue to create opportunities for you, your work and your ideas.

So that’s it.

With these three traits copied from the younger versions of ourselves, our creativity can be boosted in a thousand folds.

Reading this hack might make you wonder less about the words spoken two thousand years ago:

“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Maybe He was speaking about creativity too.

So dear creative, which trait will you adapt in your life today?

Photo credits: Unsplash.com