What is Creativity to You?

Whenever you hear the word Creativity, what comes to your mind?

Do you believe creativity is a unique trait found only in geniuses e.g. Albert Einstein, Mozart, Charles Darwin, Chinua Achebe or Leonardo Da Vinci? Or do you believe it is a value out of the reach of ordinary individuals like you and I?

You need to define creativity at one point of your life or the other.

In Elizabeth Gibert’s words, “Creativity is the hallmark of our species.” Creativity is a gift from the creator to you, and it should be shared to your audience.

Creativity is the zero to one formula. Creating something from nothing. It is the tendency to create works of art, science and business from thoughts generated from our mind, heart and soul.

To Leonardo da Vinci, creativity was exploring various fields from painting, sculpture, architecture, botany, anatomy to cartography and connecting the dots to create brilliant works of art.

To J.K Rowling, creativity was writing day and night to create a magical fictional universe currently loved by millions. Just because she observed her environment while waiting for a train.

To Paulo Coelho, creativity is paving a path of the Warrior of light, pursuing your dreams with a strong conviction that the Universe will conspire in your favour and make good things come to you. This eventually led him to write one of the most translated books of all time.

To Jay Shetty, creativity is using his past experiences as a monk and using videos as channels of wisdom on relationships, personal development and life in general. In his own terms, the focus is make ‘wisdom go viral.’

To John Obidi, creativity is building and maintaining a thriving community of problem solvers and creative thinkers spread across Africa. Just by providing value and sharing his drive for personal development.

To some individuals, creativity could be travelling to see new lands, cultures and connecting with strangers to gain a wider perspective on life.

And yet to others, creativity is a solitary task. It is simply securing a quiet spot and specific time where they can connect with their inner genie to create life-changing and soul-satisfying works.

Creativity is learning the rules and bending them to your advantage. When push comes to shove, creativity is breaking the rules.

So learn to define creativity in your own terms. Make sure your view on creativity comes from your interests, passions and experiences. And you can make creativity a deliberate and intentional act.

Because it is one of the few ways to distinguish yourself from others. It is the only way to build a strong personal brand and stand out in the crowd.

To me, creativity is being curious, open minded and enthusiastic about learning. It is learning to trust in my work and leaving a part of myself in anything I write. It is also breaking the illusion that creativity is meant for geeks and nerds alone.

To me, creativity can be a daily part of my life. And it can be yours too.

So, dear what is creativity to you?