Crafting an awesome, creative and powerful personal brand


Effective personal branding differentiates you from the competition and allows you to build trust with potential clients and employers. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – make it one that sets you apart, build trust and reflect who you are. This is what Nosagie Kenneth is trying to accomplish with his brand.  My mission was to help Nosagie Kenneth stand out even when he is not in the room.


I designed the Nosagie Kenneth brand identity from the ground up, capturing his story and talents in a new logo and marketing poster designs


Since the launch and usage of his new brand identity, his reputation has increased alongside better brand loyalty. Nosagie Kenneth now has a unique identity and can maintain an emotional connection with prospects, partners and customers


Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Flyer Design

The Nosagie Kenneth Logo


Nosagie Kenneth is an instrumentalist who spreads joy and warmth through his music. He plays the saxophone. A few months after going public, he was making modest gigs but Kenneth felt there should be more to this. His long-term goal is to become an internationally successful musician and Kenneth knew he had to take a bold step in the right direction. He wanted more visibility, customer retention and increased brand awareness.

Well, Nosagie Kenneth reached out to me and said he needed a logo and tips on creating an awesome personal brand.


To start solving his problem, I sent a client brief. This brief contains questions centred around what he does, his ideal client and core values. After answering the brief and a subsequent conversation, Kenneth realized he needed not only a logo but a consistent and elegant way of telling his story visually.


With the brief, Nosagie Kenneth was very clear on what he wanted for his brand. But how do we transform a conversation into a distinct logo and an overall brand identity that emulates the story and personal style of this talented instrumentalist?

To better understand the client’s needs and generate ideas, I went straight to work – sketching and brainstorming to design a powerful and unique logo for Nosagie Kenneth.

After a few revisions, we came up with a logo concept and the reason behind it. The reason and strategy also formed the basis for the remaining marketing poster designs for Nosagie Kenneth.  The client was elated with the logo as it covered the flair and showcases the flagship product (i.e., saxophone) of his brand. The logo was descriptive yet minimal. Sophisticated yet simple.

The little red hearts and mouthpiece visually demonstrates the brand’s tagline – Delivering good tidings

The main work was done. It was time to complete the project.


Here are the visuals I designed to further promote the Nosagie Kenneth brand:

Iconic poster for the Nosagie Kenneth Brand
Appreciation Flyer
‘Happy New Month’ Flyer
Alternate ‘Happy New Month’ Flyer
Wall Mockup Presentation with contact details


Man… You did a great job and it surpassed my expectations. The designs are nice and I can’t wait to start using them for my adverts and videos



With a new logo and supporting marketing web posters, Nosagie Kenneth can express the characteristics and essence of his brand. He now has a unique identity and can create and maintain an emotional connection with prospects and customers.

Nosagie Kenneth is on a clearer path to becoming an international superstar!

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