Creating a Classy and Elegant Footwear Brand Identity for Jeff.Shoes


The Elite and middle class need more just than regular shoes for their feet. They need a combination of style, excellence and attention to detail. This is what Jeff.Shoes as a business is trying to tell its customers.  My mission was to help convey how Jeff.Shoes produce and sell quality footwear.


I designed the Jeff.Shoes brand identity from the ground up, capturing the company’s values and unique selling proposition in a new logo and brand style.


Since the launch and usage of their new brand identity, sales have increased alongside better brand loyalty. The quality of leads overall is more educated and ready to buy. Jeff.Shoes now have a unique identity and can maintain an emotional connection with prospects and customers


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Brand Identity

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The Jeff.Shoes Logo


Jeff.Shoes is a footwear brand whose main customers are the elite and the middle class. They produce leather shoes and slides. A few months after the official launch, they were making modest sales but the CEO felt there should be more. The long-term goal of Jeff.Shoes is becoming an international brand and they knew they had to take a bold step in the right direction. Jeff.Shoes wanted more brand visibility, customer retention and increased brand awareness.

Well, Jeff.Shoes reached out to me and said they needed a logo. After all, a logo is the face of a brand and distinguishes it from its competitors.


To solve the problem, I sent a client brief. This brief contains questions centred around their description, target audience and core values. After answering the brief and a subsequent conversation, Jeff.Shoes realized they needed not only a logo but a consistent and elegant way of telling their brand story.

But we started with a logo and then built a brand identity moving forward. But first things first.


Jeff.Shoes’ client brief was concise and specific.

  1. What is your company’s name? – Jeff.Shoes
  2. What is your company into? – Production of leather shoes and slides
  3. Who is your target audience – Presently, everybody. In the long run to the elite and middle class
  4. What do you want your company to be seen as? – Excellence, a brand that doesn’t compromise value and quality for anything at all, attention to detail and excellence
  5. Do you have any specific colours or icon you have in mind to be used in the logo? – Something super simple and minimal, but will show our business’ main goal which is a high-end leather shoe brand. For colors: brown, orange and blue.

With the above brief, Jeff.Shoes was very clear on what they wanted. But how do we transform this into a classy logo and an overall brand identity that emulates the core values and vision of this ambitious footwear brand?

To better understand the client’s needs, I created a mind map using keywords from the conversation and brief. Then I went straight to work, sketching, brainstorming to design the perfect logo for Jeff.Shoes.

Mindmapping for the Jeff.Shoes Brand Identity

After a few edits, I came up with a logo concept and the reason behind it. The reason and strategy also formed the basis for the entire brand identity of Jeff.Shoes.  The client was elated with the logo as it covers the core values and showcases the flagship product (i.e., leather shoes) of the footwear brand. The logo was descriptive yet minimal. Sophisticated yet simple.

Concept and justification for the Jeff.Shoes Logo
Brown variant of the Logo
Orange variant of Logo
Blue variant of Logo

The main work was done. It was time to complete the project.

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Here are a few visuals promoting the brand identity:

Promotional poster for Jeff.Shoes
Marketing Flyer for Jeff.Shoes
StoreFront Mockup Presentation
Shopping Bag Mockup Presentation
Label Mockup Presentation
Shoebox Mockup Presentation


With a new logo and brand style, is able to express some of the characteristics and essence of their brand. They now have a unique identity, and can create and maintain an emotional connection with prospects and customers. is now on a clearer path to becoming an international footwear brand!

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