Building the Perfect Online Store with Delio


Businesses constantly seek avenues to sell their products and services online in a seamless and unique shopping experience.  This is what Boldin Technologies was trying to solve with their flagship product – Delio. My mission was to help them communicate how Delio can help you sell better and faster online.


I wrote the UX copy for the landing page of the Delio app, capturing its benefits, features and the unique experience the app offers. The UX writing was incorporated into the User Interface (UI) of the product’s landing page.


Since the landing page launch, conversion rates have increased, with more users willing to download and actively showcase their products on the app/


UX Writing


Build the Perfect Online Store with Delio


Boldin Technologies is a team of bold innovators who set out to build a product studio that will cater to the growing needs of software products among startuppers, small and large enterprises. I was approached by one of their co-founders to create and write content for their flagship product’s landing page. They just finished building their e-commerce app, Delio and were excited to launch the platform to the public.


Following a conversation with the Boldin team, I understood the copy had to be user-centric, stating all the product’s benefits to their audience. I also needed to create the product voice and tone while incorporating UX Writing into the UI of the landing page. The ultimate goal of Delio’s landing page is to ensure its visitors download and successfully use the app.


Conversations with the client involved answering questions as defining their business goals (What is the aim of this landing page?) and defining our target audience (who we are writing for?) With this knowledge, I took a creative and analytic approach, ensuring the value proposition was clearly stated.

The components of the landing page were carefully broken with concise and engaging statements in each section. A clear call of action was inserted both at the beginning and the end of the landing page.

For the main headline, I ensured the very first thing the visitors will see is the ultimate benefit of Delio. The words I selected for the main headline was short, informing the visitor what Delio is all about. This was to grab the attention of the visitors, convince them to read to the end, or even download the app right away.

The Headline statement for Delio

The next aspect I wrote was defining the unique selling proposition of Delio. The question I answered here with the copy was – What makes Delio different and better? Why should you care about Delio? I broke the answers down to their most basic levels. This made it engaging, concise and succinct.

Defining the unique selling proposition for Delio

Next up, we followed up with the benefits of the app, providing more details on what Delio offers. This was done with big headlines and supporting points.

Stating the benefits of Delio
Stating the benefits of Delio
Stating the benefits of Delio

Just before the end of the landing page, I wrote the reinforcement statements and a closing argument. These statements bolster the main headline with a final chance to communicate the benefits of using Delio. I did this to back up the main value proposition.

The reinforcement statements embedded on the Delio landing page

Finally, the call to action. The call to action is an element critical to conversions. I made sure it was compelling, exciting and persuasive.


Every landing page has its differentiating factors and I was able to create a compelling UX copy solving the client’s needs. The client – Boldin Technologies was thrilled about the end product and still uses the landing page for Delio. You can access it here –

(Feel free to download and use the app too)

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