No Enemies

No Enemies

You must have no enemies to succeed. If you feel left behind in life, pay attention to this story.

In 2023, MAPPA released the masterpiece “Vinland Saga Season 2”. This show tells the story of Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior who killed his longtime enemy, Askeladd to avenge his father’s death.

When Thorfinn eventually kills Askeladd, he loses his purpose in life. He turns from a mighty warrior to a slave with a broken spirit working for a farmer.

However, as the years go by, He works alongside Einar, another slave, and the two develop a strong friendship.

Thorfinn slowly discovers purpose through hardwork and starts to consider a more peaceful existence.

The truth Discovered by Thorfinn

You see, during his enslavement, Thorfinn realizes a harrowing truth: the mile-long road of men he’s slaughtered in pursuit of avenging his father’s death led to his undoing.

With this truth, the once-fearsome Viking warrior chooses a new purpose: rid the world of war and slavery.

When you think his tale is going to end well, the past comes to haunt Thorfinn.

An all-out war breaks in the remaining parts of Europe and the new king decides to attack the farmland where Thorfinn stays.

Thorfinn’s new philosophy is put into test when he comes to face to face with the new king and his army.

The Quest for no Enemies

War for Vikings serves as a testing ground where victors reap the spoils on the merit of how many people they slaughtered and sold. Or vie for a warrior’s death that would grant them entry into Valhalla – the promised land.

Thorfinn then realizes that his initial brutal and revenge seeking lifestyle has been caused by a series of tactical errors.

I’ll come back to tactical errors in a bit.

While contemplating on how to convince his enemies to stop this war, he remembers the words of his father who had embraced a life of peace:

“You have no enemies. No one in the world is your enemy. There is no one you need to hurt.’

Think on the above line for a while.

When its meaning is clear, then continue reading.

Now let’s talk about tactical errors.

Tactical errors

In football, a tactical error is when a manager makes a mistake without external pressure.

It’s a mistake that happens when the team’s strategy itself is flawed or players don’t execute it properly.

Can you imagine being at the top of your league, yet your mistakes keep costing you the trophy.

The best managers in the world have suffered this.

Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guardiola, and Mikel Arteta are known for their consistency and discipline. But they have all made tactical errors that cost them trophies.

In the 2005 Champions League Final, Ancelotti’s Milan were up 3-0 at halftime but made errors that allowed Liverpool to come back and win.

In the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final, Guardiola played without a natural defensive midfielder. This was widely seen as a tactical error. Chelsea won the match 1-0, exploiting the gaps in City’s midfield.

Just this weekend, in the 2023/2024 Premier League final run, Arteta made a tactical formation error in a decisive match against Aston Villa and lost the game. This gave Manchester City the chance to go on top of the table and eventually win the Premier League.

While I don’t know what went through the minds of these managers in those moments – the leading cause of these errors is ego and flexibility. Some managers are overly wedded to their tactical philosophies and struggle to adapt during the game, even if the initial approach isn’t working.

Beware of your tactical Errors

Now look back at some of your tactical errors in the past few months.

Those moments when your ego caught up with you, preventing you from doing your best – not because you lacked the abilities, connections, or resources to pull it off.

The moments you tried to hide your talent from the public because of resurfaced rejections from the past.

Those moments you refuse to share your ideas because you don’t want to go the extra mile and be held accountable.

I can totally relate…. It’s difficult to reflect on, but dodging problems is a game for babies.

I need you to go to your battlefield and confront the enemies in front of you.

You will still win in life, my guy.

You are the deserving favorite and have spent your entire life preparing for this premier league title. But you must end the mental battle.

These are the different endings to those movies you keep seeing over and over in your head. That heart break, that wasted chance, the absence of a parent.

The conversations you can’t stop having in your head with your ‘village people’. But you eventually found your voice long after you realized you stay in the city?

Do you get the gist?

You can’t bring all this extra luggage around with you in the end game.

Yes, we are all not immune, but raising awareness is the first step.

Focus on what truly matters.

Tell yourself – “You have no enemies. There is no one you need to hurt.”

And then do your utmost best.